Editor Enhancer 0.3.3

28 / 04 / 2020

So this is one of the new things I have been working on. It is called Editor Enhancer and it is a collection of utilities aimed to enhance the Unity editor.

The package includes a configurable sidebar, some nice menu shortcuts and a dark theme switcher, something I preferred to talk about in a separate article.

All that at the moment, but I already have in mind several other utilities that I think will be also very interesting such as:

  • A double click window controller.
  • Overlay toolbars, for which I have already prepared some actions.
  • A build window that you can dock instead of having it floating.
  • An easily configurable top toolbar.
  • A utility to have notes in the editor and that is not based on the typical MonoBehaviour.
  • A notification center, because if we already have a side bar, we have the perfect place for it, right?
  • And some other surprises…

Find the code and the package install instructions here:

Editor Enhancer - Github